Traditional Artist Statement
I have been creating art since early childhood.  As a result there a been a natural progression in refinement, and a specific development of my interest and quality of the art in which I specialize, Twyling. In more recent years I have applied myself in the protection, promotion and marketing of the unique and unusual art goods which I create. My approach for each opportunity for which I apply is to first visualize the way in which my art can be incorporated into the specific projected site.  I realize that my work is different than most have experienced, which one of its most attractive features.  However due the nature of the material, paper, and it dimension of low relief, it requires  “out of the box” thinking to construct ideas to make it work for specific project requirements. This is my first level of thinking.  Underlying thoughts of problem solving, are the thoughts of confidence, that more people need to see my work. I have received overwhelming and reassuring feedback from a wide spectrum of people involved and less involved in the arts, which magnifies my drive for more widespread exposure of Twyling. I own the belief that I am ready and can achieve any goal, which will undoubtedly be accompanied by challenge.  I am willing to learn as I go, both through my own research and through in-field experts, and make accommodations within my life as needed, in order to achieve higher goals for myself and my work.

Untraditional Artist Statement
Obsessed with obsessive obsession.  To do, do, do, and do again over,the same.  And in the night to dream to do, and in the morning tocrave to do.  The drive driven by wanting to see the do, do, doing bedone.  To start to do all over again, to wonder how it can be done anddone and done the same but differently this time.  Do it big, do itbold, do, do, do it for you so you don't have to.  So you can see theresult of the doing after it has already been done, and you can wonderwhat it is like to do it too.

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