About Artwork
In 1997 I developed an art creation technique which I have since trademarked using the work "Twyling" to distinguish my technique, style, and overall product. The technique involves the rolling of colored strips of paper and using these colored rolled papers to create various artistic compositions, both representation and abstract.  In large part, my work is inspired by the surrounding environment and nature found in South Florida. I find my work to be therapeutic for myself and others, specifically in the “paint creation,” the rolling of paper, hence the term “painting with paper.” I have included  a lifetime of formal and informal training in a wide variety of visual art areas and combined them into my unique “Twyling” creations, including the more business aspects such product design and packaging. Extensive research about the products  and techniques that I use to create my work has led me be selective in order to ensure the quality and longevity of my art.  I use only acid-free papers, to eliminate the changing and fading of colors over time. In addition, glues and other material associated with the art creation must be acid-free. I utilize UV resistant glass for added protection.
I have come into the art scene at a time when viewers, collectors and critics are hungry for something new in the world of art.  Most of my followers take an interest in my work because of the unique textural quality, unusual use of material, and because they have "never seen anything like it before." The arrangement of rolled paper take on a hologram-like effect. The light and shadows move and change across the work as the viewers’ eyes shift to and from different angles. Each piece is created within an enclosure such as a shadowbox frame, or tabletop encasement with glass protection.  Each piece is hand crafted and unable to be mass produced.

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